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      Commission a unique oil painting by Sarah.

      During the year, I also take on commissions from customers. If you are interested in booking a Commission with me, please get in touch to talk through the location  you are thinking of. 

      I'll need to gather information from you which is an exciting time, as you will enjoy thinking of the location you love. This can be achieved by photos, and also by going to these places myself. Photograph compositions can work differently to how a painting might work, but I can talk with you about that. We will work together until you are happy, and I might do some watercolours of the composition first. 

      What I'll ask you about your commission:

      Exact location. It really helps if you have photos, favourite views. For e.g, is there a place you like to stand or sit?

      Maybe what  Season do you like which effects which flowers, etc. Maybe things from my other paintings you like, e.g, colours, rocks etc. If there are houses in the distance you like to add, more landscape to sky, maybe more sky to landscape eg. All kinds of info like that.

      If you'd like to go ahead, I'll go to the location and start some sketches and watercolours. I will then email over to you and you make the decision. You choose the size you'd like. I do not charge more for commissions, unless we have agreed on any extra work. 

      What I've discovered, from working on previous commissions, is:

      I will  always ask for a deposit so the painting is then secured for you. I will never show it to anyone else.

      There is no pressure to to buy the final painting.

      Framing is separate. I am happy to arrange framing for you if you prefer. This will be an extra payment. 

       Please contact me for any more details. : info@saraheddyart.com 

      Example sizes and paintings below. ( These only examples as paintings are now sold.


      Original Art Commission 120cm x 100cm
      Unit price
      Original Art Commission 14" x 12" Original Art Commission 14" x 12"
      Unit price