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      Who I’m I?

      I’m Sarah, and this is my artwork and website. Thank you very much for visiting. You can contact me at info@sarahedyart.com

      I’d like to tell you what happens to your personal data when you:

      Browse the site
      Become a customer of Mine
      Make an enquiry
      What data do I collect.
      There are Cookies on the website. (See Cookies policy below.) You can change your cookies settings as and when you choose.

      Who do I share your data with?

      I don’t actively share your data with anyone. If you email me, I will see your name and email address so we can communicate and arrange your order and to be able to answer any enquiries you may have.
      All payment information is only kept in Paypal. You can read the full Paypal Privacy notice here. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full

      I use an SSL, HTTPS, to secure my website.
      How long do I keep your data for?
      If you order a painting from me, I will keep you data for 7 years, because of the contract you have with me to sell you a product.
      If you send me an email, I’ll correspond, but once that enquiry is dealt with I will , and I no longer need your email, I will delete it.
      If you contact me on social media on a public posting, it will include your name as you have consented to make it public. If you private message me on social media only I can see it.
      If you leave a comment on my blog, people can see your name. Again this is with your consent. If I do Facebook Advertising, this will only be within the Facebook platform
      If I do Instagram advertising this will only be on the Instagram platform.
      At this present time, I do not allow accounts for my online shop or have a sign up for any marketing newsletters. I do not allow people to publish or edit articles/ text, or allow uploading of media on my website.
      I don’t use any automated decision making or profiling in my business.
      If you have any questions about my privacy policy please contact me at info@sarahaeddyart.com.

      Date Subject Rights
      These are your rights under the GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018.
      Right of Access
      Right to Rectification
      Right to Erasure
      Right to Restrict Processing
      Right to Data Portability
      Right to Object

      Here is a link to the ICO website